Physical Education Department


The mission of the physical education department is to challenge students to reach for their potential in body, mind, and spirit through the medium of movement.

  • The goal is to give all students opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to be actively healthy throughout life.
  • We strive to accomplish the goal through a developmental program of instructional, recreational, and inter-scholastic experiences that are age-related, challenging, and fun.
  • The physical education and athletics programs encourage students of all abilities from all backgrounds to engage in “hands-on” experiences.
  • The playing fields, pool, and gyms are “laboratories” where students develop physical well-being, personal character, and social responsibility in the “here and now.”
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Here are the physical education and athletic objectives for middle school students:
  • improve fitness by working on cardio-vascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility
  • improve skills so students can better participate in more complex individual and group physical activities
  • improve knowledge base in game strategies, how to build fitness, and physical skill
  • develop positive attitudes about self and others in physical activity settings in such dimensions such as fair play, cooperation, setting goals, and working hard individually and as a group.

    The overall program includes:
  • recreation: lifetime sports
  • aquatics: personal safety, basic strokes, and the basics of competitive strokes
  • adventure: team- and leadership-building
  • athletics: intramural and interscholastic