Visual Arts Department


The goal of the visual arts department is to encourage students to experience the world, and share their feelings and thoughts about it, through visual arts. At Fieldston Middle, we strengthen students’ confidence as artists through structured assignments that put the students at the center of their learning and studio practice. With a few exceptions, we stress working with physical materials--across a range of media--rather than working in the virtual, digital world.

We are committed to developing students who will independently:

  • Classroom Shots-293 copy.jpg exercise their art-making and creative skills
  • tap into their creativity in all aspects of their lives
  • explore their own narratives and passions using the media of visual art
  • self-direct their creative path
  • discover how to process their creative mistakes
  • find value in process, not just product
  • see opportunity in the unexpected
  • recognize that there is no failure in art
  • pursue self-directed work
  • engage in thoughtful and meaningful dialogue and critique about the work they and their classmates are doing

Because we are committed to creative confidence, progressive education, and ethical learning, our instructional methods include:

  • demonstrations and discussions
  • group and self critiques
  • 399-Upper-3019.jpg

  • collaborative work
  • encouraging kids to look to one another for counsel
  • exposure to a wide range of artists, materials, and techniques
  • a combination of structured and self-directed projects/assignments
  • hands-on projects across the program